The Unbearable Lightness of Buying

Have you noticed how easy it is to buy applications on the iTunes App Store? Apple made it stupid-easy by skipping purchasing step typically found in most online and mobile stores. Simply find an app you’re interested in (Apple makes it increasingly easier to do so), click it’s price, click BUY NOW, and you’re done! …

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The Power of Positive Brainwash

If I say that everything is awesome over and over again (and my reputation is high enough) eventually you’ll believe me.  Apple executives take advantage of this in an NLP-like manner in their presentations. This video is a great demonstration of this effect.

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

Marking the return of Steve Jobs to Apple and in the spirit of 4th of July, here’s one of the best inspirational speeches of all times.

The Twitter Cellular Automaton

The magic of Twitter is in its ability to draw more and more people in with a vague promise of building their digital brand and having an audience. People are indeed drawn in en masse, and the snowball keeps rolling. This enables grand ideas like using the vast stream of Tweets for searching content on the web and zillions of other uses… Twitter is turning us into a huge cellular automaton. Each cell (=twitter user) acts according to a very simple set of rules.

Growing up

I just came accross this great post by Naval Ravikant on aging and entrepreneurship. This Douglas Adams quote captures it nicely: “everything that’s already in the world when you’re born is just normal; anything that gets invented between then and before you turn thirty is incredibly exciting and creative and with any luck you can …

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Sorting Through the Endless Stream of Tweets

The question I ask myself is what new tools the Twitter community – soon to be known as “the Internet” at this growth pace – needs. There are plenty of desktop and mobile clients, innovative front ends, automated tools. But what’s missing?

21st Century Guide Dog

Here’s a startup idea that will make make the world a better place: Replace guide dogs and white canes with mobile streaming video.

4 Crazy (and Useless?) Patents

This one is so useful. It was invented in 2001, and indeed I don’t remember seeing anyone walking their snake before that. All snake owners where holding their breath waiting for Mr. Donald Robert Martin Boys to invent this ingenious serpent leash.

Is Technology Still Scary?

Robert M. Pirsig was right about technology being ultimately not scary. He was also right about the human relationship part, although he didn’t anticipate the rise of the social networking and its effect on human interaction. All these new members of the middle class connect with each other through their computers and phones. Their usage patterns, much like ours, gives a new meaning to the word “friend”.