I Can See Clearly Now

I can clearly remember the day I first watched a video playing on a color LCD screen. It was many years ago, on my brand new Windows 95 laptop. When I first turned it on it started playing a cheesy 70’s song covered by Jimmy Cliff. That catchy tune brightened my day and left me …

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The Meaning of Death

We are all concerned (obsessed?) with extending our lives and those of our loved ones. I can’t blame us; life is awesome. Saving a life is the most noble cause, and is one of the only notions the entire human race seems to agree on. Some are more concerned with saving the lives of their own kind, …

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The Meaning of Life

What is the meaning of life? humankind came up with a variety of answers like being happy, serving a “higher being”, and 42. While some of these may be true, there is one answer that must be true. How can I be so sure? Simply because I exist. Remember Cogito ergo sum, better known as …

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Knowers vs. Askers

Knowers talk. Askers listen. Knowers have the answer. Askers question. Knowers know everything. Askers learn about everything. Knowers try to impress. Askers try to impress knowledge on their brain. Knowers are stubborn. Askers are persistent. Knowers are complicated. Askers are simple. Knowers grow to become grumpy old people. Askers keep growing. Knowers believe. Askers reason. …

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Onward Mobility

A recent fall resulting in a fractured collar bone reminded me how fragile we are. We literally don’t know what we have until we lose it. We tend to take mobility for granted; having it taken away turns our world into a living hell. Losing your ability to perform basic daily functions for a few weeks is a priceless reminder of how crucial being fit and healthy is.

The Midlife Crisis Conundrum

The midlife crisis is a direct result of the middle class syndrome. Unable to relieve the peer pressure completely, middle classers sooner or later rebel in the only way they know (and can afford to) – spending a sizeable chunk of money on some item they don’t need, which reminds them of their long gone youth.