The Job’s Not Done

Care more than others think is wise. Dream more than others think is practical. Expect more than others think is possible.” I love this quote attributed to a West Point cadet. I think Steve Jobs would have agreed with every word, but I couldn’t be sure about the “care more” part.

The Winning Species

This better species had now reached a critical mass in the technology ecosystem and is rapidly eliminating inferior variants or transferring it’s genes to them. How long will it take for this superior species to kill off all the others? It might take a while, but the evolution is unstoppable.


In late December I was awarded US Patent 7,860,673 – Distance Measuring Device. I essentially patented the use of a parallax to measure distances from the user to a nearby object using a simple device that can be manufactured for a very low cost.

Love Logo Design

I was “commissioned” by my wife and her business partner to design a new logo for their business.

Why Write

I blog because it’s the best (and arguably the cheapest) way to gain practice in productizing nebulous concepts, turning them into products that people may actually want to consume.

Another NLP Demo from Apple

Straight from the masters of NLP at Apple comes another amazing, extraordinary, awesome, and cool presentation. I posted one of these before, but this one is even better.

iPad: The Real Deal

Two companies entered the prestigious “I’m officially scared of Apple” club today – Intel and AMD. The banter in their executive boardrooms might be giddy and condescending, but they should be revising their 5-year plans instead.

How to Create a Video for your Startup in 4 Easy Steps

Describing what your startup does in a video is a must. However, making a high quality video is harder and more expensive than it seems. Although video equipment is cheap, finding and filming a professional talking-head is challenging and achieving consistent quality through different scenes not trivial. Luckily there’s a quick and easy way to ensure your video is excellent without sweating it: use stop motion.

The Unbearable Lightness of Buying

Have you noticed how easy it is to buy applications on the iTunes App Store? Apple made it stupid-easy by skipping purchasing step typically found in most online and mobile stores. Simply find an app you’re interested in (Apple makes it increasingly easier to do so), click it’s price, click BUY NOW, and you’re done! …

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