Growing Guitar by Jay Harel

Growing Guitar

The artwork in the picture was a joint project with my daughter, 5 years in the making. The colors around the body encode the song While my Guitar Gently Weeps by the Beatles’ George Harrison. A few other hints are strewn throughout the design. Medium: – Manzanita branch stained to restore the original color. – Artificial twigs …

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Form over Function over Form

The technological revolution of the last decades created countless new products and services while burying many old ones. Things that once had physical presence are now done through software – documents (pdf), memos (email), pictures (digital), money (bitcoin), etc. Unlike previous revolutions in which one physical technology replaced another, this one is doing away with …

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Book Excerpt: Curating

The following is a chapter from my newly published book Product Leadership. “Art is making something out of nothing and selling it.” – Frank Zappa At the top of the long list of terms describing a product manager is a deceivingly simple word: Curator. Like curators of museum exhibitions, product managers collect outstanding features into …

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What do Product Managers Wish for?

What do product managers wish for? They wish they could decide what their product should be like without the burden of customer requests, usage data, management dictums, and engineering pushbacks. They wish they could decide what’s best for the customer and get it implemented with no qualms. They wish they could just do it. It’s …

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Good Robot, Bad Robot

Automatic pool cleaners, known as robots, are out of sight for most people. Even pool owners don’t care much about them – as long as they work. A recent experience with a broken one thought me an important lesson in product innovation and marketing. Although it happened in a niche market, this interesting case applies …

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