Synapse juice

Synapse Juice

My newly published poetry collection, Synapse Juice: Poetry for the Inquisitive Mind, is now available on Amazon. I dedicated it to my source of inspiration: free, untethered time. I wrote it on planes, trains, cars, and buses, where the rare and tranquil purity of thought fostered distilled creativity. Here’s a taste: Cradle to Grave Most …

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You are Smarter than you Think

You are Smarter than you Think

There’s an epidemic among girls, boys, and adults of all ages. People affected by it proudly declare their perceived disabilities and needlessly berate themselves. I often hear statements like “I’m not smart enough for this,” “I’m not good at math,” or “I’m not a technical person.” Shutting out an entire field of knowledge may help …

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Steady hand

Steady Hand

Good communication skills are critical for product managers, as they constantly communicate with stakeholders across their company and beyond. Communicating with enterprise customers is exciting, but take the wrong turn and you step into a minefield. Beyond the obvious – listen more than you speak, be engaging, and stay positive – product managers are often …

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Cross the Action Threshold

Now more than ever, corporate employees know that every email they send, every document they write – and in many cases – every word they utter is likely being recorded and can be traced back and used against them down the road. This comes on top of their fear of being criticized, yelled at, shamed, …

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Agile Essence

Agile methodologies have been trending up and down (but mostly up) in the last two decades. Agile is no longer for software development only; creative teams “go agile” in businesses ranging from graphic design to semiconductor engineering. I had the opportunity to implement agile processes in various settings and learned that it works well if …

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