The Unbearable Lightness of Buying

Have you noticed how easy it is to buy applications on the iTunes App Store? Apple made it stupid-easy by skipping purchasing step typically found in most online and mobile stores. Simply find an app you’re interested in (Apple makes it increasingly easier to do so), click it’s price, click BUY NOW, and you’re done! no “Are you sure?” no shopping cart summary (in fact, no shopping cart at all), no tax, no suggestions for other apps you might be interested in, and no shipping options (duh). Click BUY NOW, and voilà. No questions asked. Apple emails you your receipt later on, and that’s the last you’ll hear from them.

Here’s the flow:

App store purchase - stage 1
Stage 1: Click the app icon
App store purchase - stage 2
Stage 2: Click BUY NOW
App store purchase - stage 3
Stage 3: App is immediately installed
App store purchase - stage 4
Stage 4: Ready to roll!

Isn’t it genius? it’s borderline ethical for sure, but fully legal according to the terms of service which everyone agrees to (do we have a choice?). Apple licensed Amazon’s 1-click patent which allows them to do this. I hope Amazon fails to defend this overused piece of pseudo IP, after profiting from it for so many years. It’s about time the playing field is leveled for the benefit of all players.