4 Crazy (and Useless?) Patents

Some patents are useful, some are useless, and some are plain weird. I came across these patents and felt obliged to share the wisdom. The USPTO must be a fun place to work.

Nose Pick, US Patent #D430934. This is a very useful invention indeed. What’s amazing is that it took humankind so long to come up with this stroke of genius; it was only invented in 2000.

Mobile Morgue, US Patent #6299229. I wonder – does this come bundled with a mobile cemetery?

A collar for walking your snake, US Patent #6490999. This one is so useful. It was invented in 2001, and indeed I don’t remember seeing anyone walking their snake before that. All snake owners where holding their breath waiting for Mr. Donald Robert Martin Boys to invent this ingenious serpent leash.

Female Urinal, US Patent #6571399. I guess this could be useful in some situations, but somehow I find it hard to see it happening any time soon.

Bonus: Sanitary Appliance for Birds, US Patent #2882858. I thought this one was crazy enough, until I saw this. I guess you never know which “technology” is actually commercially viable.